Why you should improve your post-purchase customer experience, and how

In these days of e-commerce it seems that a surprisingly large number of brands and retailers are forgetting how important it is to care about their customer´s post-purchase experience. Only about 18% of the businesses are focusing on retention. It’s like they have forgotten how important it is to build a relationship with their customers and sustain that relationship from the first meeting to delivery (remember, Nothing is sold until delivered).

Why it’s so important? Well, how about this:

– The costs for acquiring a new customer can be up to five times more compared to retaining an old customer.

– If a business increases their retention rates by just 5% that could help increase their profits by at least 25% (customers who come back are great customers).

– It’s up to 70% more likely that a business sells to an existing customer than to a new one.

Dissatisfied customers don’t ever come back. Only about 4% of the unhappy customers complain, the rest just go somewhere else. Oh, wait! They do complain, to everyone they know and on every online channel they use.

– A customer who comes back will become a loyal life time customer. Loyal customers grow into brand advocates – the best marketing tool any business can get.


The post-purchase experience gap

As these numbers show, the post-purchase customer care shouldn’t be just an afterthought or a nice thing to do – it should be a critical part of the business strategy. Still, a majority of the online retailers seem to think “Well, we sold them what they wanted and emailed them their receipt. What more can we do?” A lot, actually. A world of opportunities opens up after the package is sent. This is the moment when you can turn a new customer into a life time customer. By keeping the conversation going and by growing the relationship during the post-purchase experience-phase.

Here’s what your business can do to fill the post-purchase experience gap:

– Thank them. Show your customers that you value them. And let them know that you are there for them if they need help or have any questions.

– Where’s my package? The most exciting thing for a customer is not to klick ‘buy’ – it’s receiving the delivery. And as Winnie the Pooh realised, although eating honey is a good thing, there’s a moment just before you begin to eat that’s even better. Tell your customers where their package is, and when it will arrive and how to receive it. Encourage their anticipation and excitement at the same time as you provide a valuable service.

– Guides and product care. The customer has bought your product, now help them enjoy it. A helpful how-to guide can minimize the risk of frustrated customers that don’t know how to use the product. Showing them how to engage with and care for their purchase will make them remember you in a positive way.

– Complementary product recommendations. Don’t just provide goods – provide insights and helpful advice. “Thank you for buying our shirt. You know what would complete the look, these awesome pants!”


Yes, where is my package btw?

If you want to retain customers and build good relationships with them, on-time delivery is critical. And if there are any delays, they need to know about it as early as possible. A customer after the purchase is made is like a kid on Christmas, eagerly awaiting the moment when they can rip open their package. The delivery process is a crucial part of their shopping experience. Almost half of the customers worry about the delivery of their purchase. This is an excellent opportunity for any seller to hold their hand and tell them it’s going to be alright. Still most retailers leave the delivery to an external service provider and think “Not my problem anymore. I outsource the service”. But to the customer it is your problem. You sold them the product and the service to get it, it’s your responsibility to make sure it gets to them.

A problem for the retailers has been that technically speaking, the delivery hasn’t been their problem. Providing a link to a track-and-trace has been the best most can do to enhance the post-purchase experience, and it’s not good enough. Customers expect a seamless shopping experience. All the way from order to the door. And now you can provide them with just that. With a proactive customer service tool like VIEWMYBOX® retailers can keep track of all their shipments in one simple interface, and notify their customers about their delivery and any possible problems with it. You can finally be the responsible merchant that is holding the hand of the customer all the way to their front door. Making sure they will come back for more.