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OurBoxes is a cloud service that collects all your deliveries in one view. An enterprise service where you in real-time can monitor all orders and proactively communicate with all parties, including your customers. With a comprehensible interface you can easily monitoring all deliveries simultaneously and spot any deviations that occur along the way – from inbound to delivery and beyond.

Subscribe to events and non-events
Subscribe to any type of event and non-event and get a complete lists of deliveries that require action. OurBoxes manage delays and disturbances immediately, notify customers and acts before your customers even realize a problem has occurred. The Services also offering proactive event-driven customer communication by trigger various events during the customer delivery to, for example, send out customer notifications, reminders, and customer surveys. Is a shipment not moving? Has the carrier reported a delay? Or has the shipment been lying for too long at the service point and is in risk of becoming a none pickup and a return?
Collaboration multi side Service
Thanks to integrated service during the customer delivery, both within your own organization and with your partners, everyone with an access to the Service see the same information and hence knows what is happening. A function that saves a lot of phone calls and emails between different parties in case of deviations or questions from customers.
Additional services
We work closely with carriers to simplify the management of your shipping process and reduce administrative work. Together with carriers e.g. UPS, DB Schenker, Bring, PostNord, Posti, DHL, etc, Addimotion has a feature that allows you to request shipment changes through the OurBoxes user interface direct. With just a few clicks you can change recipient information, new transport service, or request the delivery to be cancelled. This will save you both time and money while at the same time improve your customer service level.

Engage with customer at post-purchase

Keep customers updated

MyBoxes is a powerful cloud service that streamlines the delivery process for their customers. With MyBoxes, your company can automatically update the customers about their delivery status, minimizing the need for unnecessary customer service calls.

Our service consolidates all of the information related to an order, including order status and carrier events, and presents it to the customer in one simple, easy-to-understand language. This means that customers no longer must navigate through confusing carrier websites to track their shipments - everything they need to know is available in one place.

By using MyBoxes, you can also increase traffic to your own websites, rather than sending customers to carrier websites for tracking information. This helps you to build brand loyalty and provides a better overall customer experience.

MyBoxes is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that simplifies the delivery process for businesses and their customers alike.

All purchases in one view

MyBoxes is an innovative service that simplifies online shopping for consumers. With MyBoxes, shoppers can handle all their purchases in one place, making it easier to keep track of their orders and deliveries.

One of the unique features of MyBoxes is its ability to automatically gather all customer purchases, regardless of which retailer or carrier is responsible for delivering the shipments. This means that customers no longer must navigate multiple retailer and carrier websites to keep track of their orders - everything is conveniently located in one place.

When a customer shops with a retailer that is connected to MyBoxes, they will automatically receive updates about their new orders directly to their phone. This eliminates the need to constantly check for updates on multiple websites or to receive notifications from multiple carriers.

Overall, MyBoxes provides a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for customers by consolidating all purchases and delivery updates in one place.

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