Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday? We are!
Shopping online is increasing since it is perceived as easier, more flexible, and safer than shopping in physical stores. Competition is growing and the importance of providing customers with a secure and satisfactory customer delivery has never been more important.
The cloud services, OurBoxes and MyBoxes, keeps the customer informed throughout the whole journey, from purchase to delivery. Through proactive communication with the customer regarding delivery status and deviations (which is common during these hectic delivery periods), dissatisfied customers are avoided.
Despite large volumes, automation makes it possible to follow up all customer deliveries and contact the affected customers. No customer delivery needs to fall through the cracks, even during Black Friday! Proactive customer communication creates engagement and the opportunity to offer compensation before the customer has even discovered that a deviation has occurred. Through proactivity, you build a strong brand loyalty that leads to lifetime customers – Because nothing is sold until delivered!
Do you want to improve your customer deliveries and create world-class customer communication? Get in touch and we will tell you more about what we can do for you!