All your customer deliveries in one view

With customer expectations being at an all-time high and customer loyalty at an all-time low, finding that right mix that will win your company their business is harder than ever before.

The pressure to deliver an outstanding and unified customer delivery experience remains yet is at the same time becoming increasingly difficult to deliver due to inconsequence internal sales systems, 3pl warehouses, carrier API’s and last mile applications. 

This has led to the information used, and needed, to deliver this great customer delivery experience is being buried in silos of different systems. So, for every new country, warehouse or carrier added to your supply chain, it will become even more difficult for you to get a good overview of your customer information. We believe it is time to leave the old ways of accessing different systems, web portals, carrier tracking services behind and instead move towards the use of a unified interface for all customer deliveries.

Addimotion Services gives you access to all important customer information from one single cloud service. The service allows you to make unique combinations of ordering activities, warehouse processes, carrier transportation activities and customer information. It collects and publishes all information, in real-time, in one frontend enterprise device and one personalized view for your customer.

This is the missing piece that will help you unified your customer delivery experience, while enabling speed in the ”idea-to-execution” process and capability to offer a relevant customer delivery experience everywhere.

In turn, this will help you prepare for, and adapt to, changes a lot faster which is especially true when it comes to the post-purchase customer experience. Our services are designed for scalability, both from a business and technology perspective. Business scalability by a multi-sided platform perpetuates growth together with technology scalability based on the Microsoft Azure platform for cloud-based services.

Our services will provide you with many benefits like:

– Spend less time integrating other systems and carrier APIs and more time being creative and proactive in your customers journey

– Information is made available in real-time in any frontend, meaning zero friction in the customer delivery process

– Addimotion Services will increase the speed in how fast you can launch a new customer experience, the speed in how you proactively can service an experience in real-time and the speed to meet new customer demands in online ordering

The best thing is, you can do all of this without ripping out and replacing in your exciting legacy systems that handles core business processes. On top of that, we will have you up and running within a few days!